Property Management

Hiring a property management team alleviates the stress! We will handle the responsibilities that come with managing your investment property. We save you time and money. Here are the five top reasons to hire professional property management with Legacy Country Properties.

Finding Tenants

Our property management team has a tried and tested screening system that finds quality tenants for your property. We aim to select tenants who are financially responsible and will treat your property with respect. We have systems in place to not only find tenants to fill the home, but to ensure they are quality tenants with high retention rates.

Collecting Rent

Our property manager will handle reminders, document payments, and manage automatic payment systems. Hiring our property management company allows you reap the benefits of owning investment property.

Handling Unforeseen Matters

We take the lead on many of the unforeseen matters. Our goal is to catch issues before they become serious. Our service includes semi-annual interior inspections, monthly exterior inspections, handling security deposits, and general enforcement of the terms of the lease.

Handling Maintenance

There’s nothing more stressful than getting a call in the middle of the night about an emergency water leak. As the owner of the home, your main responsibility is to ensure your renters are living in a safe and comfortable environment. We can help! We handle common maintenance issues as they arise.

Working with Legacy Country Properties allows you to take a step back from the typical day-to-day operations and assign us the task of monitoring upkeep on the house. Our local property management company acts as your eyes and ears on the property. We ensure everything is running smoothly! Knowing that a trusted firm is taking care of your property and will alert you if there is an emergency will set your mind at ease.

Dealing With Taxes

Uncle Sam doesn’t play around, which is why understanding the tax requirements on an investment property is so important as a landlord. We will keep detailed records of expenses and income for your investment property. We provide the end-of-year statement and you provide it to your tax pro. He or she can help you understand all of the deductions to claim at the end of the year.

We live in a fast-paced world where we encounter challenges on a daily basis. Owning an investment property doesn’t have to be one of them. Hiring Legacy Country Properties for your property management will take the stress out of managing your property. You are free to focus on your work and your family.